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There are 16 chapters in the book of Mark that cover everything from Jesus' baptism to his death and resurrection. It is a non-stop ride full of Jesus' instruction to his disciples, wisdom and insight, as well as crazy stories of miracles, dinner parties for thousands, possessed pigs, beheadings at a birthday dance party, and spitting in a blind guy's eyes. 

Westwinds wants to take an in-depth look at this fascinating account of Jesus' life. September 8 we began talking about Mark in every meeting of The Cue and will continue on the Mark train until the Sunday after Easter. Our children, teens, and satellite groups are all committed to journeying through Mark as well during this intense focus.

Join us Sunday as we continue in our series, RISKiNGOD.


We will be observing Good Friday at 6:00p on Friday, the 18th at our 1000 Robinson Road location.


All our Easter gathering times are the same as a normal weekend around Westwinds. 8:30; 10:00; and 11:30 at 1000 Robinson Road; 10:30 at The HUB 1825 Spring Arbor Road; and 6:00p at Grand River Marketplace, downtown Jackson.

We have a baptism scheduled for Easter Sunday during the Brew Cue at Grand River Marketplace, downtown Jackson. The Brew Cue begins at 6:00p. Come enjoy dinner with family and friends and celebrate Easter and baptism with us.

If you would like to be baptized, we have a packet for you to read and fill out. It is full of scripture, FAQ's, and asks questions about you and your life with Jesus. For a packet, please email

If you're thinking about baptism it probably indicates that you’re at a significant point on your journey to know God. For centuries, people just like you have walked a similar path and eventually came to that place where they wanted to deeply align their lives with Jesus.  Baptism was, and continues to be, that unique way people like you express this new story they sense being written into their lives.

So let us assure you … baptism is not something you do once you’ve gotten your life all figured out.  It’s not what a person does once they have all the answers.  Baptism isn’t about committing to live life perfectly.

It is about admitting that you no longer want to live a single moment without Jesus.  It’s about realizing that following Jesus is the right thing to do.  And it’s about being so thankful for Jesus that you are willing to be known as someone who is committed to follow him.



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