Welcome to Westwinds Community Church

There's a new series at Westwinds:

The Bible begins in a garden but ends in a city.


What can we learn from the fact that God's garden matures into God's city?

In the end, God's not making things all over again; he's making all things new.  That includes our cities and-- more importantly-- that includes you and me.  He's making us into people who can love the unlovely, enjoy wealth even when we're poor, rejoice in the midst of suffering, and not fear death because the life of Christ lives in us now and forevermore.

In the end, God will personally light up the world, but we don't have to wait for the end in order to drive off the darkness.

God has given us his light.  Ours is the lamp on the stand, illuminating the world.  We are the Light in the Darkness.

We are the city on a hill.


On June 8th, you'll notice a change in our lobby. The area formally known simply as the "coffee bar" will now be known as the "(NEAR) GENIUS BAR. The Genius Bar will be staffed before, during, and after each meeting of The Cue with folks who are well informed about what is happening in all areas of Westwinds. Have a question about Kids' Journey, Student Journey or The Hub? Head to the bar. Want to know how to get involved in a Satellite? Talk to a (Near) Genius at the bar. Thinking about getting involved serving somewhere with a weekend Experience team? Someone at the bar would love to talk with you. Just have a general question about Westwinds or need to know how to contact someone? Boom! The bar is there for you. Stop by and check it out! 


We have a ton of new satellite groups starting up. Interested in knowing how to be part of one of these fantastic groups? Please email and Robin will get you on the right track!

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