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Westwinds is here to shadow God, build the church, and heal the world.

Shadowing God reminds us that we must stay in step with God's plan for us as individuals.  We are never fully formed; we are always works-in-progress.  That work progresses only by staying in step with the Spirit and being constantly malleable and edited by God.

Building the church means we recognize that Christian spirituality is not an individual sport.  Church is plural, and God's purposes for reconciliation involve us sorting out our relationships with the people around us.

Healing the world connotes the fact that our salvation is neither privatized or communized, but expressed most faithfully in mission.  We invite the Spirit to change us and to create a holy community of similarly simultaneously changing people, so that together we can effect change in the world.  


Echoes & Icons: A New Series on the Gospel of John

This week in The Cue: John 13.31-35 LOVE

Love and glory. These are two words we use frequently and thoughtlessly. Our athletes and generals get glory. We love celebrities and pets. Intuitively, we understand there’s something deeper than admiration and affection. We know real glory is reserved not for the general but for the soldier fallen in the field. We know real love isn’t for the new Nicki Minaj single (though I do really love that single); real love is when you would choose to give up absolutely everything for the benefit of someone else. In this portion of John we’re reminded that the source of real love and real glory are both Jesus, the real Son of God. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Corresponding scriptures: Song of Solomon 8.6-7 1 Corinthians 13


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