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Continued Series; Hebrews: Living Like The Priest On His Own Altar

Hebrews is the most confusing book in the Bible. It has all the charm of Leviticus and half the sense of Revelation. Beginning this week, we’re going to take a year and go through the entire book of Hebrews, line by line and verse by verse. AND IT’S GOING TO BE MIND-BLOWINGLY AMAZING! Seriously. We’re going to examine what it means to say “God is Christ-like.” It means everything we know to be true about Jesus must also be true about God, since Jesus is the form of the inexhaustible, inalienable, unknowable God. If Jesus gave up his life to save people, then God, too, must be a self-sacrificing God whose commitment to humanity goes to the very core of who he is. God loves us. God wants us. And God is so invested in us that he sent himself to rescue us. Sound boring? Confusing? Not on your life.

Westwinds is here to shadow God, build the church, and heal the world.

Shadowing God reminds us that we must stay in step with God's plan for us as individuals.  We are never fully formed; we are always works-in-progress.  That work progresses only by staying in step with the Spirit and being constantly malleable and edited by God.

Building the church means we recognize that Christian spirituality is not an individual sport.  Church is plural, and God's purposes for reconciliation involve us sorting out our relationships with the people around us.

Healing the world connotes the fact that our salvation is neither privatized or communized, but expressed most faithfully in mission.  We invite the Spirit to change us and to create a holy community of similarly simultaneously changing people, so that together we can effect change in the world.  

Christmas Eve Service

It's getting close to that time of year again. The time when our Lord and savior Jesus Christ was born! In other words, Christmas. This year on Christmas Eve we will have four services. They are as follows: 4:30 P.M. @ The Hub. 1825 Spring Arbor Road 6:00 P.M. @ Robinson. 1000 Robinson Road 8:00 P.M. @ Robinson. 1000 Robinson Road 11:00 P.M. @ Grand River Marketplace. 117 West Louis Glick Hwy. This year, in order to get a grasp on how many people will be coming to each service, we have established a ticket system. So if you are planning on attending any of these services you will need to get tickets for yourself and all who will be in your group. They are FREE. You can pick up as many as you need at the Genius Bar at the Robinson Cue. We hope to see you there!


The area formally known simply as the "coffee bar" is now known as the "(NEAR) GENIUS BAR. The Genius Bar will be staffed before, during, and after each meeting of The Cue with folks who are well informed about what is happening in all areas of Westwinds. Have a question about Kids' Journey, Student Journey or The Hub? Head to the bar. Want to know how to get involved in a Satellite? Talk to a (Near) Genius at the bar. Thinking about getting involved serving somewhere with a weekend Experience team? Someone at the bar would love to talk with you. Just have a general question about Westwinds or need to know how to contact someone? Boom! The bar is there for you. Stop by and check it out! 


We have a ton of new satellite groups starting up. Interested in knowing how to be part of one of these fantastic groups? Please email and Lori will get you on the right track!

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