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Connection Studio

Ratio: 1 adult to 12 kids. Kids move to the Connection Studio when they begin Kindergarten.

With 2 adults and 1 youth helper we are able to care for 20 kids.
The Connection Studio is in the west space of the Nursery area. They have access to their own bathroom.

Our youngest experience studio is designed to guide our kindergartners into a personal relationship with God. This studio stresses the development of a child’s own initiative and natural abilities through practical play. Within the Montessori setting, kids have tremendous freedom with a lot of personal responsibility. Self-discovery happens in a very structured, respectful environment that instills self-worth and confidence in the kids. Through the child’s natural curiosity he/she will self-direct and set the direction and pace of his/her education. Amazingly, both the child and teacher/guide learn together.

We embrace the Montessori philosophy because we believe that God’s Spirit works in a similar manner – inviting us to Himself; gently guiding; and revealing truth in ordinary situations. We believe that not only will our kids grow and flourish within this environment of wonder and self-discovery, but all who lead and work with the kids will also be transformed.

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