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Experience Studios

Music Studio

Music provides a unique avenue in which God’s spirit moves in and around us evoking deep emotions and pulling out memories. In this studio, children will begin to recognize God’s truth through various popular artist’s music, the creation of songs, and hands-on experience with instruments. This is the place where kids learn to respond to God’s spirit using music and movement.

Art Studio

Kids experiment with different media to learn through and/or express themselves in the context of biblical narratives. They are introduced to various artists and styles as well as the ultimate artist and creator – God. They begin to identify how beauty and imagination reflect the character of God. This is the place where kids are encouraged to develop their creativity and dream.

Discovery Studio

Kids explore ancient and modern cultures, the natural world and personal relationships in the Discovery Studio. They begin to understand that God touches all parts of their life and cosmos. They are introduced to “the mystery of God” and begin to wrestle with the concept of faith. This is the place to ask questions, lots of them.

Storykeeper Studio

Kids become storytellers as they re-tell the biblical narrative through various media such as video, drama, story boards and creative writing. They begin to recognize “God stories” in the various media of our culture, such as television, movies, books and daily life experiences. This is the place where kids begin to learn that they also have a personal story to share, the story of how they are responding to God’s daily invitation.

When children only see a concept…
they retain about 10 percent of it.

When children hear about a concept…
they retain about 20 percent of it.

When children see and hear…
they retain 50 percent of it.

When they see, hear and then interact with the concept…
they retain 90 percent of it!

That is why our Experience Studios are such a BIG deal – not because of how cool they are, but because within these studios our kids’ lives are being changed.

Each weekend at Westwinds, kids experience The Story of God in four different hands-on classrooms called the Experience Studios. These distinct multi-learning environments engage kids through their heart, mind, body and soul. Over the course of four weeks the various age-specific groups “live in” one biblical narrative through art, music and motion, discovery and storytelling.

The Experience Studios are for kids in 1st grade through 6th grade. Kids divide into three age groups: first and second grades, third and fourth grades, and fifth and sixth grades. The studio content remains the same for the entire month but each week is geared to the appropriate age group.

The kids’ lives will be changed as they encounter The Story of God. They won’t want to miss a single week.

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