Sing along with us Sundays | 9 and 11a


We are now holding public worship services at 9 and 11am outdoors, in our amphitheater. We invite you to bring blankets and lawn chairs, snacks and coffee, Bibles, sunglasses, umbrellas, notebooks, and everyone you know and love to celebrate with us!

Of course, this feels a little different than before, but if there’s one thing our church has prepared us for it’s that DIFFERENT IS GOOD! So, for the ten thousandth time, Westwinds is doing something different, just like always. We are greeting this new season with joy and holy enthusiasm, and we will greet YOU with love and friendship.

Here’s a couple logistical questions you may be asking:

What about inclement weather?

If it might rain, bring an umbrella or a raincoat. If it rains a little, we’ll allow you to park your cars on the lawn where you can still see our amphitheater stage. If it rains a lot, we’ll direct you to stay in your cars in the parking lot and listen via FM transmitter.

What about parking?

Please enter from the Robinson Road drive and exit at the McCain Road drive. This will facilitate a smoother flow of traffic while we are outdoors.

What about social distancing?

We’ll designate seating on the lawn, identifying areas for your household to stay together while keeping the appropriate distance from others. So, if you arrive together, you can snuggle up as much as you like; but please be respectful. Other people may not be ready for you to run up and hug them just yet. If in doubt, ask. Remember: consent is sexy 🙂

What about sanitation?

Masks and gloves will not be required, though we will have some on site if you want them and forget your own. Additionally, there will be stations with hand sanitizer placed around the exterior of the building. 

What about kids?

Keep them! Since we’ll be outside, there will be no official children’s ministry. We encourage you to bring your kids, to play with your kids, and to watch over your kids. Remember, some of our folks are going to be very wary about germs, so please prepare yourself that—for the duration of this season—you’ll need to keep an eye on your young ones so they don’t send someone else’s grandmother running for the hills in a pique of COVID-induced terror.

What about restrooms?

Pee before church. Seriously. We will have 1 set of restrooms available, but it’ll be a long walk to get there. You’ll have to wait in line. You’ll only be admitted one at a time. You’ll have to wash your hands. With lye. There will be hazmat suits. Men with large rubber hoses will chase you across the street, demanding you lay down and stop touching things. Come for worship. Stay for church. Go home to pee. 

Can I still watch online?

Yes! You can rest assured that our livestream will still be here at 9am and 11am on Facebook. We'll also host a re-watch party of a morning service at 6pm.



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