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What We Do

From our weekend gathering The CUE to our endeavors to heal and pour life into our city to our multiple smaller group gatherings (Satellites) and everything in between, Westwinds is committed to shadowing God, building the church, and healing the world.

Westwinds has taken a different approach to church life than the traditional offering of programs and events. Rather, we start with the questions:

What is God doing in our city?

What dreams is God giving our people?

How might we get on board?

Westwinds has taken a different approach to spiritual formation than the traditional offering of Bible studies, Sunday school, and seminars. Rather, we ask the questions:

How are you inviting the Holy Spirit into your everyday activities – your job, your family, your hobbies?

How are you stretching yourself for the kingdom in the areas of church, soul, world, and relationships?

We provide many options and ideas while putting a high priority on teaching our people to do “something” and enjoy your freedom to try new things on for size. The same spirit of ministry freedom influences the way we encourage people to serve, give, and express their own individuality.

The net result?

A church in which everybody gets to play, and a mission to which everyone can belong.

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