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The Cue

What is “The Cue?”

The Cue is our weekend gathering. Check our homepage for the most current Cue times.

You can watch The Cue live right here on Sundays.

The Cue has some “normal” church stuff like a message and music but we also pride ourselves on the element of surprise. We hold everything loosely from the way the room is arranged to special experiences, message presentation, media selections, teaching tools, discussion elements, interactive worship, and music selection. Westwinds often finds itself on the frontline of creative churches and talked about in the mainstream media and blogosphere in large part because of The Cue. Download “The Cue Philosophy.”

We know “The Cue” is a funny name for a church service. You’ll find we like to have fun with our naming conventions and titles and such. It’s part of our personality to be playful, and that playfulness is in large part what makes The Cue so special and unique.

So, why “The Cue?”

In theatre, a Cue is a familiar term. Whether it’s a warning, a standby, or a go, the Cue tells us what happens next. In music theory, a Cue is a guideline for instrumentation; it’s the “who plays what where” part of music or can be a mark for improvisation of a specific instrument. In the game of billiards, the Cue is what puts the game into motion; it’s the Cue stick and Cue ball that guide each ball into the pocket. In motion picture film prints, the Cue marks a point on the reel when the film is ending and it is time to switch to a new reel to continue the projection.

See where we’re going with this?

At Westwinds, The Cue is not unlike all these things. In The Cue we talk about new things, what’s next, where God is leading, and we fund dreams to shadow God in the redemption of the world. We listen to God and His word and we ask Him, “What next?” When we leave The Cue, we enter a world of possibilities. For the spiritually curious, the religious disenfranchised, the artists, the intellectuals, and everyone in between – The Cue is a place to begin your spiritual journey and to belong for your entire spiritual quest.

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