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When you hear the word “elders” it may call to mind the image of a bunch of old dudes and wise old women sitting around in a circle carrying on like Jedi Masters disconnected from the people that they lord power over.

Our elders are different. They don’t sit in a circle…

In all seriousness though, they are a group of men and women who work as a sounding board, give wise counsel, take the proverbial temperature of the church, pray, serve, and are very much invested in the life of Westwinds.

Elders are the top level of lay leaders at Westwinds. They oversee our deacons who help to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the church and they work closely with our pastoral leadership team. They meet regularly with the Executive Staff to discuss how best to fulfill our mission. They supply insight and critical feedback, as well as a system of checks and balances, to make sure that our church is well led.

Elders are owners (men or women) that have been appointed by their peers to serve for no more than five consecutive years. In addition to David, who chairs the elder team and serves the church as staff-elder, our current Westwinds (non-staff) elders are:

Rick Martoia

Brad Kimpell

Joe Neill

Andy Ladwig

Becky Veydt

Yvonne Rogers

Michele Cooper

Phone: 517.750.1111// Email: