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Shadow God. Build the Church. Heal the world.


God made you to be like Him…ish. He made you in His image, to be something like His shadow. You were made to know God intimately, and to imitate God wholly. That’s what we mean when we talk about Shadowing God – we mean learning to follow God and to experience the life He desires for all creation (Click here to purchase our teaching atlas Shadowing God). We want to introduce you to the story of Christian spirituality and then take you deeper into the mystery of knowing God. Everything about Westwinds has been designed to help you learn about God, about who God wants you to become, and about how to recognize the movement of His Spirit in the world around you.

That’s really what a church is – any collection of people who endeavor to shadow God. They’re the people playing for Team Jesus. But the church isn’t just a holy huddle or some kind of glorious glee club. The church is meant to be a headquarters for spiritual transformation. That transformation is personal (meaning, we change from the people we are into the people God wants us to become) and social (meaning, the church is the vehicle through which God has chosen to heal the world). At Westwinds, we talk a lot about building the church, by which we mean two things: first, we mean creating a place where people can both be changed and affect change in the world; second, we mean introducing more and more people to God’s plan to heal the world.

It’s no secret that our world needs healing. With all the fights and famine, bombs and blood, it’s not hard to understand that the world doesn’t quite work the way we’d all like. God doesn’t like the way it works either, that’s why He has commissioned His church to go out and make a difference. The local church is the hope of the world, and it’s our task to get involved both locally (in our own communities) and non-locally (internationally and all over North America) finding ways to help those in need and to bring the message of God’s love and redemption as we do it. That’s what we mean when we say we’re here to heal the world – we mean to offer spiritual healing, and healing in all manner of difficult circumstances.

If all this stuff about shadowing God, building the church, and healing the world has got you excited, why don’t you consider becoming an Owner at Westwinds? Ownership is our fancy word for church membership, but, whereas in other places membership connotes entitlement, at Westwinds we understand that our Owners are people who are willing to sacrifice for the mission of the church. After all, being involved in a church doesn’t mean you get special privileges. Being involved in the mission of Christ’s church means recognizing the privilege and the responsibility of self-sacrifice. Click the OWNERS link on the left to learn more about ownership.

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