On Hell

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On Hell and Final Judgement

This paper is comprised of three sermons given on one Sunday at Westwinds Community Church during the Cue. They are about a theology of Hell. Given that our overarching emphasis at Westwinds is on grace, we felt like it was appropriate -- given the significant amount of biblical teaching on judgment and the afterlife -- to spend at least one Sunday unpacking the other side of the equation.

Up until this point we’ve been all carrot and no stick, so to speak.

We have no plans to completely change our orientation, but out of devotion to Christ and the clear teachings of Scripture we do want to make sure we teach both sides of the story.

This paper, then, is a summary of the biblical doctrine of Hell and Final Judgment. Please don’t pass it around. Don’t give it to others in hopes of scaring them into becoming Christians. Don’t use this as leverage to get others to feel guilty or do what you want them to do. Instead, read and study this for yourself. Pray and invite the Spirit to change you. Open your heart to God more fully and more sincerely.

Stay right with Christ, and stay out of Hell.

It’s bad there.

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