Day 1 – Westwinds Online Advent Calendar

In Advent by Jacob McGarry

Today begins the Westwinds Online Advent Calendar. If you haven’t heard about this yet, you’re not out of the loop! This is our surprise for you. Every day of Advent we will present you with treats and tries. Treats are totally free giveaways sponsored by Westwinds and our friends in the community. Tries are challenges designed to help you experience a more meaningful Christmas season.

We’re kicking things off with FREE COFFEE from Biggby Coffee! Stop in at their Wisner or Horton rd locations in Jackson to get a free brewed coffee. We want you to be energized and fueled for the upcoming festivities.

To challenge yourself today, try to bless a service worker you see today – your barista, fast food server, or cashier. This is a way for you to practice being aware of the people in your community.
If you’re the parent of a young child and are unsure how to include your whole family in this challenge, have your child help you make a treat for their recess helper at school.