Day 7 – Online Advent Calendar

In Advent by Jacob McGarry

It’s 16 days until Christmas!

Every day of Advent we will present you with treats and tries. Treats are totally free giveaways sponsored by Westwinds and our friends in the community. Tries are challenges designed to help you experience a more meaningful Christmas season.

Today, you get to choose how local businesses will support the charities they love. Leave an emoji reaction to today’s post on our Facebook page, or comment which of the three charities you like best, and that business will donate $5, up to $250.

For every THUMBS UP, Playford Music will donate $5 to the Michigan Theatre Youth Performance Program, which connects students to experts in the performing arts so that they can unleash their creative potential. Learn more at

For every HEART, All Star Rental will donate $5 to Heifer, which sets up impoverished families to have a steady source of food and income by giving them livestock. Learn more at

For every WOW, Wire Wizard will donate $5 to the Shop Rat Foundation, which ignites interest in manufacturing careers among students and prepares them for successful careers. Learn more at

Pick a charity you love and leave a reaction to kick some cash their way. Share the post, and get your friends to help you!

We also want you to try gathering resources for needy family yourself. Get a group of friends together, choose an amount that you can all give together, and find a charity that supports those in need., listed above, is a great choice. It might be your only chance this Christmas to purchase a water buffalo.
God’s greatest gift was sending Jesus into the world to save us, but He’s got even more in store for the world! We hope you enjoy being a part of His plan of blessing and healing.