Day 12 – Westwinds Online Advent Calendar

In Advent by Jacob McGarry

Westwinds Online Advent Calendar – Day 12

It’s 11 days until Christmas!

Every day of Advent we will present you with treats and tries. Treats are totally free giveaways sponsored by Westwinds and our friends in the community. Tries are challenges designed to help you experience a more meaningful Christmas season.

Today we’re giving you a book by our friend John Voelz. Here’s an excerpt from the intro:

“For many, the nativity is clean. Bright. Colorful. Plastic.
“If you are a Jesus follower, it’s easy to fall in the trap of telling the Christmas narrative with the enthusiasm of someone reciting, Hickory Dickory Dock. The degree of dullness with which we deliver the goods is often directly proportional to the years we have heard and/or told the story. If you are not a Jesus follower and you’ve heard the story from some of us lackluster old-timers, I’m sorry.
“I’ve come in contact with the nativity many times throughout different stages in my life and each stage has taught me something new—something that de-plasticizes and animates the nativity. I will be your tour guide through much of that journey. My prayer is that you take note of your own experience and stories as we take this trip together.”

Download the book here.

Today, when you see a bell ringer at a store, try giving them a high five! They’re probably cold and tired, and it’s a fun way to energize your day and theirs.