Day 18 – Westwinds Online Advent Calendar

In Advent by Jacob McGarry

Westwinds Online Advent Calendar – Day 18

It’s 5 days until Christmas!

Every day of Advent we will present you with treats and tries. Treats are totally free giveaways sponsored by Westwinds and our friends in the community. Tries are challenges designed to help you experience a more meaningful Christmas season.

Today, local band Young Pioneer is giving away their album When Does the Night End. You can download the tracks here: You can learn more about the band at

As the crazy business Christmas season reaches its peak, we want you to try a simple prayer exercise to keep your dialogue with God open. Instead of setting aside a specific time of day for prayer, pray every time you walk. When you walk from your car to your office, pray. When you walk across campus, pray. When you walk the dog, pray. By consecrating your walking time, you’ll train yourself to be mindful of God’s presence more frequently, thereby giving you a much easier time of turning your thoughts toward him.

And, if you hardly walk and would prefer to try something else, this exercise works equally well with “driving time” or “outdoor time.” Likewise, if you’re musical, you may replace praying with singing, since any distinction between prayer and praise is trivial at best.

Enjoy the music, and merry Christmas!