We want to hear from you about kids' ministry at Westwinds

Westwinds is preparing to bring in a new leader for our kids' ministry.

Aimee Coolbaugh, who relaunched the Westwinds kids ministry on February 14, 2021, now has the chance to commit fully to creating opportunities for spiritual growth in our church. We are excited for Aimee, because this position is in better alignment with her passions and ambitions. We are thankful to her for fulfilling the needs of her church for over a year, despite the fact that kids ministry was outside of the scope of what she was hired to do. She will begin her new position at Westwinds in April, 2022.

We have hired Slingshot, a national church talent search agency, to help us find the right kids pastor for Westwinds. On February 20th, a representative from Slingtshot will visit Westwinds to learn who we are and what we need.

On February 20th, at 12:30pm, parents and volunteers are invited to join a luncheon with Dan Lovaglia from Slingshot. They will be able to ask questions and weigh in on the future of kids ministry at Westwinds. In particular, we ask you to attend if you have a child ages 0-11.

Please RSVP below, so that we can adequately prepare the space and food for the event

If you have questions about the event,
email eric.kelly@westwinds.org.

If you have questions about the hiring process,
email elders@westwinds.org.

If you have questions about the current kids ministry at Westwinds,
email aimee@westwinds.org.