Westwinds supports local and international charities.

The charities listed below are our family charities. That means we intend to have a longstanding relationship with them. We are committed to giving to them regularly, and to praying for the growth of their ministries. Please join us in prayer for these missions.

SOAR Cafe & Farms

SOAR works in Jackson to help heal, empower, and employ women survivors of human trafficking, sexual abuse, and trauma. They provide safe and supportive housing, the opportunity for personal and financial independence, and a strong community of advocates and partners.

What to pray for:

  • Pray for the two women currently at the SOAR home and the five women that are participants in the prison ministry that SOAR provides. Ask that God would continue to provide healing, hope, and a future.

Center for Women

The Center for Women provides free pregnancy services to families in need. They connect with women who are unexpectedly pregnant and seeking abortion, offer medical & emotional care, and help them evaluate their options. They also provide support and parenting classes for new parents.


The lower level of their space is newly updated and beautifully designed to help support their clients. This will allow them to have separate spaces for pregnancy and for parenting.

What to pray for:

  • Pray that women seeking abortions will find the Center.
  • Pray that the Center can effectively reach women who are seeking abortions, and that the women would be receptive to the message that the Center has for them.
  • Pray for volunteers to step in to fill roles that are vacant.

    Fossores Chapter House
    with David McDonald

    The Fossores Chapter House is a headquarters for Christian ministerial innovation, where Dave McDonald is now a full time missionary. Preachers, leaders, and innovators from all over the world come not only for solace and development, but also to incubate the future of the church.


    The Chapter House has held 5 retreats since Dave transitioned to full time mission work, and will host another 4 in the next 4 weeks. He recently returned from his first speaking tour where he consulted and coached 17 pastors in the Pacific Northwest.

    What to pray for:

    • Connection with other pastors, clarity with ROI and fresh outpourings of creativity

      Suresh Sawant

      Suresh is a missionary in rural India. He has a team that travels to 35 different rural villages, training and supporting the local Christians. He and his wife focus on training the new believers and developing leaders, and provide necessary help to see mature and reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ.

      Suresh is in the USA! He will be visiting the Jackson area from May 5th through May 19th.

      What to pray for:

      • Pray that Suresh will make meaningful and helpful connections while he is in the states. He is looking for more financial support and prayer partners.
      • Pray that they can raise enough financial support to be able to buy a piece of land where they can build a training center, church, and small house for Suresh’s family. In rented buildings like the one where Suresh lives now, there are restrictions against prayer meetings or any type of Christian gathering.

        Thangkholal Haokip

        Thangkholal (Lal) is the pastor of a church in East India near Bangladesh.


        The church that Lal pastors is growing and is ministering to more and more people. God is drawing people to Himself in and through them. They were able to minister to many people in their city during Easter, and are excited for the people who wish to hear more about Jesus.

        What to pray for:

        • Pray for the immigrants in Lal’s city, who need love and care. Most of them are from Bangladesh. The church often shared food items with the immigrants during COVID-19, and now are hoping to help educate their children.
        • Pray for a piece of land where the church can construct their own building for worship. They are looking for 8000 square feet and anticipate needing about $3,500.
        • Lal is building a tiny house for his family. Pray for funds for some finishing touches and to prepare it for living.