For all of July and August 2022, Westwinds will gather for one service at 10am every Sunday, at the Ampthiteatre at Westwinds.
Here are some common questions about how outdoor church at Westwinds will work:
What should I bring?

You don’t have to bring anything! However, you might enjoy having shade, a blanket, a lawn chair, or sunscreen. Think of it like a beach trip.

Will there be coffee?

Yes! We will have cold brew coffee available. You are welcome to get refills at often as you like.

What if I don’t want to be outdoors?

Park at the top of the hill, and listen in on your radio! The service will be broadcast at short range on 107.9 FM. There will be caution tape designating the area that is safe to drive through.

What happens if it rains or it is too hot outside?

If the weather is truly inhospitable, we’ll move indoors, into the auditorium. There will be renovations in progress indoors, so you may need to step around some wet paint and drywall dust.

Is there seating for people with disabilities?

Yes. There is a handicap accessible area adjacent to the stage. There will be seating available there, as well as space for wheelchairs.

Is childcare provided?

Because outdoor church is one gathering for all, there is not designated childcare. Children are encouraged to stay with their families and friends during the service.

Keep an eye out for a kids volunteer that will greet you either as you walk toward the hill and find your spot, or after you have sat down. We can't wait to see you, share the activity and talk with you.

Can I hang out after the service?

Yes! The outdoors spaces at Westwinds (Amphitheatre, Stockyard, and Cross Garden) are open and available to the public 24/7. There will be a group hanging out in the Stockyard directly after the service. Bring your own drinks, and a dish to share.

If you have additional questions, message us on Facebook, or email us at