The Spirit Gives Many Different Gifts

Jun 5, 2022    Kelly Heath

God works through us, through our desires and our dreams and our hopes and our longings. We have holy longings inside of us that are him stirring and working and saying, "I look at you and I see who I meant you to be, and you have so many great gifts, and you are to work alongside of me making this world as I see it, as I created it to be."
Now, maybe you're sitting here today and you go, "I don't think I have a gift. I don't think I got that. God, maybe you overlooked me." It's a very normal feeling. All of us have times where we feel like that. But it's a lie. You do have a gift. You have something in you that's only yours that this world needs.
And if you don't know what that is, ask God.