Old and Young

Nov 6, 2022

Church is one of the few places left in the world today where older people learn from younger people and younger people learn from older people. You know when you have like a big Thanksgiving meal with your family and then there's the kids' table? At the church there's no kids' table.

At the church we're all at the table. Our students are not people that we push to the side. In fact, we find ways to make space for our students. But beyond that, we intentionally learn from them that we are not here to bestow wisdom upon them, but we are here to listen and to learn from them.

We have so many students every week that are making this experience possible. Whether you realize it or not, we are learning from students every single week when we gather.

So to the students at Westwinds, be patient with us. The world is moving faster than we can handle. It's moving in ways that we don't understand and may never understand and so give us the space to learn to trust you.